Ginto FAQ

Why did you start Ginto?

We created the app because we felt there was a need for gin lovers to have a go-to source to learn more about the gins they are drinking, managing their collections and to find the perfect serve.

I'm a distillery / publisher, how can I get my gin or tonic in the app?

We're trying to add new gins and tonics every day. Gathering all the information and artwork is time consuming. If you want to speed up this process for your product you can send us an email with:

Our gin or tonic is already in the app. Can we make some adjustments?

Sure! Just send us an email with the required changes and we'll process them as soon as we can.

How can I advertise my gin or tonic through the app?

We have some commercial opportunities to make your product more visible to our large userbase. Please contact us to get more info.



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