Ginto will be discontinued

Dear Ginto user,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Ginto has been discontinued. The app has been removed from the App Store & Play Store. If you have the app installed, it will keep working, but you won’t be able to use some of the online features. We’ll shut down all services beginning of 2018.

As you may know, during the last couple of years we’ve been maintaining Ginto in our spare time. Due to our design, adding new gins and tonics (with the correct images) was a cumbersome task. Because we spent so much time together with our volunteers working on the database in our free time, it had been a while since we did an app update. This is something that bothered us a lot, because we still have lots of cool ideas for the app. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a solution to this problem.

Ginto was a labor of love. Because we wanted users to have the best experience, we didn’t have in-app advertising. The closest thing we had to advertisements were our curated lists and featured gins, and those weren’t even enough to pay for our server infrastructure. The truth is, Ginto was costing us money. But since it was a labor of love, we kept it going.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that the app stopped working recently. Due to a targeted attack, we ended up losing production data. After attempting to restore one of our backups, we realised that a restore was going to be really difficult: many of our backups were unavailable, partially due to this attack. Since Ginto was still a hobby project, we didn’t have the full backup emergency policy we normally have for our client projects. We had to restore an older copy of our database, and we lost the link between most of our images and gins. While it is possible to manually re-link the thousands of images to the gins, we find it unacceptable that we lost a portion of the recent data.

We had long discussions about what our options were, but we eventually realized that we can’t free up the resources necessary to restore Ginto let alone to maintain and update our applications and database. That, along with the fact that our users’ recent data is gone, has made us decide to discontinue Ginto. This wasn’t an easy decision to make.

We wish we could have given everyone a heads-up about discontinuing the service and app, but we had no choice but to shut down the app. We do want to thank every single one of you — your comments and feedback has kept us invested in the app. We also want to thank our volunteers, who have helped us maintain the large database of gins that was available.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure.

- The Ginto Team

Important: If you want to save your list(s): Simply open them in the app. Using the share button on the top right you can exports these lists. Don't forget to do this before the end of 2017.
If you’re looking for an alternative to Ginto, there is another great Belgian gin app called Ginventory.

Special thanks to: Brecht Guldemont, Friedel Guldemont, Gregor Rosenkranz, Judy Finn, Luc De Paepe, Roger Bingham, Wesley Vanbrabant, Jon Persson, Tom Buysse, Glenn Van de Poel, Lars von Dinther, Etienne Rohrbach, Riccardo Delfanti, Tom Weeghmans, Ben Renko, Paolo Miraglia, Glenn Vanbellingen, Jonathan Watté, Elephant Gin, The Duke Gin, Onilikan Gin, Gin Rescue, Slingsby Gin, Gillemore Gin, Moletto Gin, Blind Tiger Gin, SixtySeven Gin, Applaus Gin, X-Gin and all the other distilleries and people that helped us along the way!